Our Every Nation “Expand” goals for 2009:

Here at Every Nation London we sense the Spirit leading us in this season to move in the opposite spirit to that which is so prevalent in the world at this time. Instead of shrinking back into survival mode, we hear the words from Isaiah 54:2&3 calling us to Enlarge… stretch…do not hold back; lengthen …  strengthen …For you will spread out to the right and to the left; to… nations … cities.”

So here are some of our key Every Nation London “Expand” goals for 2009:


  1. Plant a new church plant in Madrid, Spain (From May 2009 – led by Mel & Tanya Calingo)
  2. Prepare for Gent, Belgium church plant in 2010 (Led by Trevor & Yvette Botha – www.enmgent.org)
  3. Continue to support to establish our Stockholm 2008 plant, as well as our other new churches in  Dublin, Salzburg & Berlin)
  4. Launch a new Greater London congregation in Brentwood, Essex (Start Sept, led by Charl & Anina Chapman, who will hand over leadership of our Stratford congregation to  Andrew & Berna Holmes from June)
  5. Launch new Greater London congregation in Slough (From March 15th, led for first year or so by Trevor & Yvette Botha and a core leadership team)
  6. Launch a West Sunday evening service (From March 15th, to be led by Simon Bardone)
  7. Develop strategy for our “10+10+10 by 2020” goal (10 congregations in greater London, churches in 10 cities in the UK/Ireland, and churches in 10 western European nations)
  8. Further develop our ministry to the poor of Europe through our “Love Ukraine mission. (Our first ever teenagers mission goes there in April! Led by Carol Kinne)
  9. Further develop our ministry to the 3rd world poor by partnering with theVillage of Hope”/Thembalitsha in Grabow, South Africa www.thembalitshauk.org.uk
  10. Further develop our ENgage internship (Giving opportunity and training to anyone wanting to “discover their calling” through an awesome 9 month internship program here in the greatest city in the world! See www.everynation.co.uk/grow/)
  11. Develop an “Live-online” Bible School option to make this life-changing teaching available as assessable as possible. (contact bibleschool@everynation.co.uk for more info.)
  12. Continue to Unite in prayer with other local London churches (Diarise an awesome churches together event in the Hammersmith Town Hall on 11th June)
  13. Purposefully pursue new building plan in West (Pray with us as the eldership and finance board pursue this)
  14. Expand our finances (Have healthy church finances to be able to fund all of the above! Thank you to all those who have partnered with us in any way over all these years!) 


How will all of this happen? We see Gods answer reading in The Message Translation of Eph 3:10: Through followers of Jesus like yourselves gathered in churches, this extraordinary plan of God is becoming known and talked about even among the angels! 

Get yourself planted in Christ’s church, and join in on His great plan!


3 thoughts on “Our Every Nation “Expand” goals for 2009:

  1. joy harrison-abiola

    The clarity and simplicity of the vision outlay is defintely inspiring. You are are a great leader. May God increase your greatness.

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