Wolfi’s Helicopter View of London…

On Saturday Ali & I took a fantastic helicopter ride over central London all along the Thames river from the Dome all along to West London…what an amazing experience – and a clear confirmation that this IS the greatest city in this world… (Thanks to all our London leaders for this fantastic “visionary” gift at our leaders end of year celebration last December).

Ready to fly…






This is your captain speaking…









Or is this the captain…

There’s over a thousand years of history down there… the Romans were most likely paddling up this river at about the same time that their countrymen were crucifuying Jesus in Jerusalem…



And there’s the modern stuff too…The Millenium Dome, and the site for the 2012 Olympics in the background…

As Lyndon Johnson said:If a man is tired of London, a man is tired of life; For in London there is all that life affords”

7 thoughts on “Wolfi’s Helicopter View of London…

  1. a friend

    This is wonderful what a wonderful city
    We must believe and trust for fantastic things

    Whow what a new year it will be!
    Fly on!

  2. Avid Traveller

    These picutes are wonderful.

    What a treat! Great that you posted these!

    One always has a better view when you rise above a situation or place.

    Enjoy the priviledge of liveing in this great city.

  3. Penny Cross

    How to eye London-

    The London Eye has got to be the best!

    These are great pictures of a great city.

    You certainly captured the WHOLE.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    We are glad to be able to visit the city via the i-waves.

    Thanks for your site.

  4. Web Traveller

    Hey there!

    Way to go!

    How cooooooooooool to get to see these sites with you.

    You can keep us posted on more views of the city that takes a lifetime to appreciate.

    I epsecially enjoyed the sense of space and conectedness.

    Great pics of a great city.

    Armchair travelling has its plusses.

    Keep going!

  5. Sarah

    Dear Wolfi

    Thank you for these aerial fotos.

    When we pray for cities it is always good to go up to a high place-
    well a helicopter trip must match that: a high place for sure!

    It is a real blessing to see what we pray for.
    And it reminds me that
    this is what G-d sees-
    His eye is on all.

    For G-d so loved the world….

    So I am glad to use these to help me
    to pray like Him

  6. sharon

    You were really blessed with a bird’s eye view
    What a lesson in getting a global perspective.

    Do you have any more photos of this trip?

    Would be super to see even more,
    Keep flying
    and enjoy ing this great world city.

  7. Ruth

    We are glad that you were treated to this ride.

    Reminds me of our times along the way we have gone on aerial flips-
    it really is a treat to see more…
    and get the big picture

    Thanks for your blog site
    It is always a window to keeping
    the big picture in focus.

    Ps 100

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