Know God – Be Strong – Do Great this summer…

Our summer theme at Every Nation London focuses on the powerful truths of Daniel 11:32, which declare that “…those who know their God will be strong and do great exploits.” We are trusting for a great season of KNOWING GOD, BEING STRONG, AND DOING GREAT EXPLOITS.

This week I travel to Nashville for some Every Nation International Policy Council meetings, as well as attending part of our US pastors F.U.E.L. conference there. On my way over I’ll be stopping over in Orlando and attending the Lakeland Outpouring/revival meetings there, which are reporting some phenomenal healings etc. I’m simply trusting for a great time of God stirring and igniting my heart and giftings. After Nashville I’ll be visiting my good friends Joe & Nancy Martin in Dallas, and preaching at Valley Creek Church with pastor Kevin Evans, who has been a hero getting involved with some of our church planting efforts in Europe.  

I’m pressing in to know my God more, because to know Him is to love Him, and to love Him is to know Him intimately, and be fully satisfied in the deepest part of your being. I’m pressing in to more of His strength infusing my often glaring weaknesses, and I am trusting to step out of my boat and come out of my caves, and do all the great to which he has called me. Join me on this great adventure this summer…

2 thoughts on “Know God – Be Strong – Do Great this summer…

  1. Joan Vimala Siddiqui

    How do I get to read your sermon…Know God Be Strong Do GREAT THIS SUMMER? ALL i keep getting is the preview…I just cant locate the section where the whole sermon can be read

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