This Sunday I get to wear my “SuperDad” t-shirt again. I have a confession to make: I bought it for myself! (well, my kids did say I was the best dad they’ve ever had…)

I also have the privilege of preaching on Fathers day, and I have a deep expectation for this Sunday as I try with Gods help to share about the most powerful launching words a father ever spoke to his son, from Matthew 3v17 as God the Fathers voice came from heaven saying: “This is My beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.”

Our children will one day “leave & cleave”, but the words we speak will determine whether we simply “let them go” (neutral influence), “limit them” (negative influence), or “launch” them positively into their destiny. I want to be a “launching father”, and I see an example in the word of the Heavenly Father as He launched Jesus into His public ministry years to fulfill all that had been destined:

The Father said: My Son – Beloved Son – and Well pleasing Son. 

Every child needs to have these  words of identity, acceptance and affirmation etched deep in their spirit and soul. Without them we wonder through life wondering Whose we are and who we are. We seek identity and fulfilment in all sorts of places and things which never satisfy. But when we hear these words of life from the father, they are the powerful fuel which we desperately need to launch us into a courageous pursuit of dreams and destiny.

I pray that you will hear and receive these launching words straight from the Fathers heart to yours. You are His son/daughter. You are loved. You bring Him pleasure. Lift-off…

PS – Can you remember when someone spoke some “launching words” to you? 

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