I fasted from IT for 8 days!

I’ve just come back from a great weeks holiday on the Spanish Costa Del Sol. Besides taking a break from work, I decided to take a complete break from email, Internet, blogs, facebook, etc. I didn’t touch a computer once, and didn’t download anything onto my PDA either. A complete Internet fast. I had a few mild witdrawel symptoms for a day or two, especially a slight worry that I’d forgotten to turn my “out of office” message on (How would the world know where I am???!!).   The world didn’t stop because I didn’t reply to email straight away… nothing was SO urgent that it couldn’t wait till this week to be searched, booked, blogged, viewed…no-one wrote a complaint on my blog-site about missing me…(That hurt…), and generally all was OK without the WWW.

Actually, when we arrived in London 15 years ago there was no email, no www, not even a mobile phone! (Maybe thats why the church grew so slowly back then!?)

Anyway, I’m back on-line now…committed to let this technology serve me, no enslave me…



3 thoughts on “I fasted from IT for 8 days!

  1. Would we have more epistles if Paul had email? Canonically speaking, no. Paul just cc’d the letters to all the churches.

    We were without Internet for our first month in Ukraine. I experienced true withdrawal. I am better now.

    We look forward to seeing your team in a few weeks for another Carpathian outreach. Our daughters will join them on this trip. Thanks for sending your best, and God bless!

  2. I always fear that I’ll be left behind if I take too many breaks from the blogging/Facebook world. What if something really exciting is only being spread through internet rumors…how will I know?? Who will tell me? Am I really connected enough??

    I cannot imagine what the first church would have been like if SPAM and group lists had been available to Paul & crew. They, like us, would still hunger for the time together and the face-to-face connection.

  3. Yep! I can relate to that. I find an IT fast more challenging than any other fast.

    But He is drawing my into the ‘Secret Place’ simply because I have been ‘nagging’ Him to teach me intimacy with Him on a higher level than ever before. That means being away from the computer and working – my flesh is screaming deadlines, work load, need to run … He says, ‘come and spent intimate time together, waste hours on Me’ …..

    Well, but, ahh … in the presence of His glory, face to face, fused in intimacy with Him, everything else becomes irrelevant.

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