London’s new mayor knows his Latin & Greek…

So Boris Johnson is London’s new mayor… Educated at Eton, Boris’ father says that his son knows his Latin and Greek, and that someone who knows Latin and Greek is able to do anything. Well, I’ll have you know that I do know a little Greek – his name is Georgie! (Seriously, I the Georgie I know is an awesome preacher …)

I do pray for the new Mayor, especially that he will appoint a decent group of executives to the City Hall administration. I pray against ungodly counsellors finding his ear, and against the temptation to please the loud minority agenda, versus serving the majority of this great city. I pray that he will be a servant leader who is in touch with the real people of this city.

The Christian Voice Alan Craig did not get enough votes for a seat on the London Assembly, so its up to all of us Christians to get stuck in at grass-roots and make a difference from the bottom up… I guess that’s the way Jesus would have it anyway, isn’t it?

God bless Mayor Boris Johnson, and God bless London – may this city be governed in righteousness and be a blessing to the nations.  


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