Voting for opposition..

Here are a few rameling thoughts on todays London mayoral election…

Today is election day for the position of Mayor of London. I voted early, though not to avoid the queues – when last have you seen queue at a British polling station?!  I’ve done my best to prepare for this vote, including attending a candidates hustings in central London last week. In the end, I voted for Alan Craig of the Christian Choice, because I hope he’ll get 5% of the vote and get a seat in the London Assembly and add his Christian principled voice to the sometimes stupendously politically correctness gone mad  It’ll probably come down to Boris Vs. Ken in the end, with my second vote favouring Boris from the Conservatives, not because I am wild about any of his policies (getting rid of bendy buses???), but mainly because I feel having a conservative mayor may strengthen the opposition party a bit, something which has been sorely lacking in the past decade of British politics.

Labour needs some stronger opposition. Opposition is a good thing. Even for Christians.  The lack of direct opposition to our faith has led to an often passive and luke-warm church.  Whatever opposition we are facing, may it serve to WAKE US UP and be the force for good Jesus called us and empowers us to be.

Tomorrow will tell who we will be London Mayor for the next four years. Tomorrow may also bring you and I and the church some opposition. Lets take it as a wake up call…

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