The Big Auschwitz Question…

At Every Nation London we are busy with our “Your Big Question” series. Last week I gave my reasoning for why I believe that God exists, and you can read it on our “Your Big Question” blog here, or listen to the message here.


This week I am in Krakow Poland for some equipping time with many of our European Every Nation Pastors and leaders, and before returning to London I will be visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp with our London team. This is very appropriate since this Sundays Big Question is “Why does a good and almighty God allow suffering in the world?”


Auschwitz epitomises this question. Where was God when this was going on? Why didnt He intervene? Does the fact that He did not intervene mean that He either is not as good as we say He is? Does it even prove that He actually does not exist at all?


My personal Big Question:

Of course I am German by decent myself. My home language is German. I know that my family tree doesn’t trace back to Hitler, but was I in any way part of this through my bloodline somewhere?  I know that the capacity for evil definitely exists in me, but I also know and thank God that He has “delivered me from evil” and “made me a new creation in Christ.”


Check back here next week for my reasoning on the Big Question of God & suffering…

One thought on “The Big Auschwitz Question…

  1. Pasto Wolfi,
    Good Day! My family went for a visit last Monday in British Museum. We enjoy the enjoy that day but while looking on those pre-historic artifacts, I just notice and concluded the existence and the reality of God and God’s breath in every man. Even during those pre-historic time, even before the civilization began, Man is looking and longing for something, it is very obvious that their Spirit is searching for something or someone to fill the vaccum within and that the reason why they curve stones, woods, etc and use it to offer something , to inquire of something and to worship as well. And Man alone is an evidence that God exist.

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