This weeks Big Questions, including: How can I know that God exists?

I’m  getting ready to answer this first Big Question in my sermon this Sunday, and you will be able to see a written summary of this on our Big Questions blog from Monday.


If you are a believer, and someone asked you that question, how would you answer it? What are your reasons for believing? What about when the God you believe in feels a million light years away, and doesn’t seem to be at all involved in your circumstances? How do your reasons for believing stand the test of tests? Is it more reasonable to believe that God does or does not exist?

Anyway, I have some other big questions about life generally this week:

  1. How is it possible that Robert Mugabe is still remotely trying to hold on to power in Zimbabwe after this weeks elections? Would it be wrong to be happy if someone “took him out”?
  2. Who should I vote for in the London Mayoral elections coming up on the 1st of May? Does any candidate represent my priorities? Do I even know what I expect from a mayor?
  3. My boiler needs replacing after breaking down on the coldest weekend of the year… should I accept the cheapest quote, or go for a far more expensive one guaranteeing quality workmanship?
  4. What was my other question…?

Thirst was made for water; enquiry was made for truth…

2 thoughts on “This weeks Big Questions, including: How can I know that God exists?

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  2. Megan Dransfield

    I know that God exists becuase he made are butiful world and he made us.
    He has given us all these wonderful things on this earth.

    And thats how I know God exists.

    Yours sincerely

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