Our ig:nite men’s & in:spire women’s weekends

Ignite and Inspire weekends

This weekend we have 150 women away on “in:spire ’08”, and in February we had 100 men doing the same at “ig:nite ’08”. The venue is on the outskirts of Henley-upon-Thames, a beautiful quaint village and home of English rowing.  The men had an awesome time with many stories of real life-change being shared afterwards. On the Saturday evening one man told me: “This was the best day of my life!” 

I know that our women will have an equally good time. We came up with an idea to surprise them with a mass delivery of fresh Crispy Cream Doughnuts for morning tea on Saturday, courtesy of all the Every Nation London men. We’re hoping it will simply say that we men really appreciate all of our amazing EN London ladies/women/girls. For those ladies who couldn’t make the weekend (It was fully booked), the guys will have a surprise for you on Sunday morning…

 They say that the best gift is “an unexpected gift at an unexpected time” – If any of our girls read this, we men are dying to know: did it say what we wanted it to say?

4 thoughts on “Our ig:nite men’s & in:spire women’s weekends

  1. Awesome stuff! I know that Magda went to be with EN LONDON women this weekend. Looking forward to all the great reports. When it comes to your definition of the best gift – I couldn’t agree more – my, somehow still short married life experience changed my “theology” in that area 🙂

  2. weckleben

    On Friday evening Ali opened the weekend with talking about “Ordinary women with an extraordinary God” – using the story of Mary who poured poured out a extremely expensive jar of purfume to wash Jesus’ feet, and “the fragrance filled the whole house.” (John 12). To make the point, Ali opened up a brand new bottle of Chanell No 5 Perfume and poured it out on the floor…I guess I’ll soon find out whether there’s a Judas on the Finance Board!

  3. Stephanie

    The donouts were fabulous! I ate two and was tempted to have more 🙂 Had to partake in the salsa aerobics class in the afternoon at the Inspire Weekend just to make up for pigging out on the donouts. Big thank you to the guys at ENL!

  4. Taryn

    Such a lovely gesture,thank you 🙂 They were delicious too. I was on the victory track so I’m not 100% sure, but apparently the inspire talk had just been on healthy eating – ha ha!

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