Fasting is a hit…

I noticed a HUGE increase of traffic to my blog last week, and wondered why… till I read pastor Steve Murrel’s “the reluctant leader” blog and realised that our massive church in Manila as well as our church in Nashville were having a week of fasting & prayer, and he had referred to some of my previous blogs on fasting last year… I trust that some of my thoughts helped someone…

Here in London we are preparing for our Launch-the-year “24/7” week of prayer & fasting starting on Sunday 27th Jan which is our west congregation Vision Sunday 2008. We get individuals to commit to filling one hour slots of prayer over the whole week, and after just one day of signing up the week is just about covered – it usually takes a lot more effort to get it filled – I think its a sign of where we’re at here in London: Hungry for God. Hungry for breakthrough.  Recognising that is “by His Spirit.” Hungry to do whatever it takes. Like Jesus said: “When you fast…”

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