Mind the Gap…


If you’ve been to the great city, then you’ve heard this famous London phrase on the Underground: “Please mind the Gap between the train and the platform” – my “mind the gap” sermon today was based on the original “Mind the Gap” warning made by Jesus in John 17:17, where He says to His disciples just after His well known feet-washing lesson: Now that you know these things; blessed are you if you do them.”  Jesus warns us to “mind the gap” between what we know to do, and what we do do, and He reminds us of the blessing of the “doers”.  We had a powerful time – If you seem to have a “gap” problem in this department, you may want to go to downloads on www.everynation.co.uk in the next few days and listen to “Mind the Gap” part 1 – part 2 next Sunday.   Have a great week, and remember to “mind the gap”…

2 thoughts on “Mind the Gap…

  1. Wolfi, I think it was Thomas a Kempis who said in “Imitation of Christ” that if a Christian walked in just 10% of what he knew he would be a spiritual giant. The gap is often too big. I look forward to listening to your series. Thanks

  2. weckleben

    Mike, we’re so blessed to have you back in Europe planting a church in Kiev…anyone whose out there with a passion for the nations, please consider to PRAY, GIVE, or GO to join these warriors!

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