Belgium church plant announced…

This past Sunday we announced plans that one of our leader couples, Trevor & Yvette Botha, will be planting a new Eveny Nation church in Belgium in 2010, two years from now.   Trevor currently serves as our missions director here, and Yvette serves on our Partnership Ministry staff, and together they are a tremendous gift to the church local and beyond. They have recently been to “scout the land” in Belgium, and while the “exactly where” is not clear yet, they sense a strong calling and the London leadership is confident that this is Gods will and calling for them. Its still early days, but if you or anyone you know would like to “PRAY, GIVE, or GO” then please email them at

 By the way, Trevor and I had a great time in Stockholm two weeks ago.  We met with about a dozen people who are already on board, and Mats & Lena are doing a great job settling in and connecting with a huge range of people. Mats, Trevor & I had just arrived to look at a fantastic venue opportunity Mats had found, when my phone rang and guess who was calling: Pastor Jim Laffoon! (leading prophetic voice in the EN family). So right there we had a great encouraging time and a prohetic word about the “permafrost” melting in this nation as God is doing a new work. (Nothing to do with global warming – more like “God-warming!)

(By the way, Pastor Jim will be preaching in London on Sunday 13th January at a London “Together service” to launch the new year – definately one for the diary)

Anyway, its always amazing what happens when people step out of the boat in answer to Gods “come”… Go Trevor & Yvette, we pray for some “God-warming” in Belgium too…

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