Farewell to London hero’s Frans & Deb…

13 years ago I recieved a letter from a young man who expressed a sense of Gods call to London to serve the vision here. He moved from Cape Town (where he once was a top South Africa body boarder…) and came to take a job in London and to serve our fledgeling vision. This was the beginning of a relationship which has seen Frans Olivier be my “right hand” man on the campus and missions ministry fronts here, and the setting up of our Partnership Ministry (“MPD”)  through which we trust to resource 100’s of Europe missionaries in the future.  Frans was also instrumental in seeing us embark on an exciting missions adventure to China, which led to a church being planted there which this year is now fully in Chinese leadership hands.

 frans-wolfi.jpgHere’s a pic of Frans & I meeting in 1994 just after he arrived in London in January 1995… Either Frans has grown a bit since, or I was standing on something! 

Of course Frans needed help, and soon found it in his Connect Group as Deb attended and he follwoed her up…all the way to the altar! Deb has been one of our true English Roses and impacted many girls lives on the campus and beyond. 

 We had a special send-off service for F&D in the west yesterday, and they leave in mid September to join the South African Every Nation team based in Cape Town. (You can listen to Frans message entitled L.I.V.E here) They leave a great legacy, and we pray for all of Gods very best in this new God season for them. Thanks Frans & Deb for all your faithful service here in the great city…

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