Water Baptism Views…

Jesus taught from a boat, so here’s my first attempt at the same technique…with a YouTube video from our recent water baptisms in Hyde Park central London… 

prezmek-baptism-cropped.jpgThis is one of my all-favourite water baptism photo’s. Its of my friend Przemek from Poland coming up out of the water after I baptised him in Trafalgar Square.  After this our London church helped support him as a campus worker with our church in his homeland Krakow, Poland…

Then, a few years later, in 2006, the next photo shows Przemek being ordained as the


new senior pastor of our Every Nation church in Krakow, Poland, where he and his new wife Magda are doing a great job leading this exciting church. Its a powerful reminder that every step of obedience you take moves you forward on the journey of your God-given calling and destiny….

  • “Even the greatest journey starts with a single step”
  • “If you arent ready to start small, you arent ready to start at all”

4 thoughts on “Water Baptism Views…

  1. Wolfi, I loved the video teaching. Boat-based teaching was last used 2000 years ago I think but is still very effective. We leave for Kiev in a few weeks. Thanks for the help, and God bless, Mike

  2. Glenn Chapman

    great blog Wolfi, keep up the splendid work you are doing in London and every nation… Proud to be in this walk with you’all…

  3. Przemek

    Wolfi, I think I should send you a full color picture of that baptism, I have them all, all stages of the baptism, going under, staying under, staying under, staying under… =) and coming out, I even have one when Holy Spirit is descending on you while you dunk me, seriously =)

  4. Wolfi

    I’d love to see them Przemek…and so would everyone else reading this blog – so send them over if you can… keep upthe great work in Krakow!

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