No place like home + sermon FREEview…

I am so looking forward to being back at church in London this Sunday! There definately is no place like home, and whenever we travel Ali & I cannot help being overwhelmed with a sense of deep gratitude for the awesome people and leaders God has given us as partners in His cause here in London.   On the 4th of September Ali & I celebrate 14 YEARS SINCE ARRIVING IN LONDON with our two back-packs and a vision!    I can honestly say that we are right now more excited at what is and what lies ahead than ever before, and if you are part of Every Nation London then I want to encourage you and challenge you to give your very best to this vision in the next amazing season. 

   stk63058cor.jpgFor the next 2 or 3 Sundays I will be preaching while (for short periods!) running on a treadmill!      The message is from Galatians 5 which reminds us of the freedom we have in Christ, but warns us of some dangerous substances which promise to “enhance our spiritual performance” but actually end up disqualifying us from the race.  The three most dangerous “drugs” I want to test and expose are “The Law”, “Lust” (Don’t think just sexual here), and “Licentiousness” – as the passage says in verse 9: “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.”  If you want to run free to your destiny, and you dont want to end up with a “christianity on the treadmill going no-where” then you have to get “clean” from these three.   You don’t need them in any way, because God has some awesome legal alternatives!  Its time to get off the treadmill and running free in Christ, so get rid of those drugs and lets GO – there a destiny to fulfill!

4 thoughts on “No place like home + sermon FREEview…

  1. Claudia

    Hi Wolfi, I loved the sermon on Sunday 12th August. It was super challenging! Your passion and devotion to getting your ‘heart’ across blows my mind. As much as I wanted you to pull the ‘escape’ chord (and risk falling)… I just wanted you to get off the treadmill.
    Thanks for the dedication and raw passion. We so need more leaders like you and Ali.
    Bring on the FREEDOM


    Hi wolfi, the message this morning was a great challenge to everybody, God is really using you with so much wisdom..we are so blessed to hear it..we are so encouraged! and we are blessed to be in this church!!May God bless you with so much more

  3. lanasilk

    Hi Wolfi.. I have spent the last week listening again to Freedom Factor 1/2/3 (AKA Galatians 5, parts 1/2/3).. and I have been DOUBLY blessed the 2nd time round! Thank you for bringing this fantastic new series of teachings to us. I got so much out of it… especially the culmination of it all at the end of part 3, where we’re challenged to check again to make sure we’re still running in the right direction and in full freedom. I never want to get complacent in that!

    Bring on the DNA series and then Purpose Driven Life… I’ve been praying this 24/7 week that as we start with these new series, Freedom Factor will have challenged all of us at EN London so we’re certain we’re walking in FULL freedom as we begin to explore the question of vision and purpose…

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