Wolfi’s View on…Father’s Day

The past Sunday was Father’s Day in the UK.  It’s been part of western culture in various forms for about 100 years or so, but the importance of fathers in families & society has been emphasised in the Holy Book for 1000’s of years already. The 5th commandment has not been amended for the 21st century, and its the one with a great promise: “Honour your father and your mother, that it may be well with you, and you will live long in the land…”

My view is that we dont exactly honour fathers today.

In America, Dr James Dobson of Focus on the Family said: “Our very survival as a nation will depend on the presence or absence of masculine leadership in the home.”

What do you think of that statement? No political party in the UK has dared to make such a statement for decades. The liberal elite influence in all of our main polictical parties have made sure that any acknowledgement of the importance of fathers and two-parent families is not “PC.”  To stress the important need for and role of a male father in a childs life is branded everything from homophobia to child-abuse.   The UK tax and benefits system is clearly stacked against the traditional two-parent family, even though research clearly shows this to be the most stabilising (and cost-beneficial) factor in society.   In my sermon on Sunday I made a statement that in the next election I would vote for any political party in the UK which made championing the cause of fathers and the family an election manifesto item. 

I am convinced that politicians have got it wrong.  I believe that there is a silent majority of people all over this Island who would march to the polls to vote for anyone who would have the guts to raise the flag of traditional judeo-christian values, and they would be rewarded with a land-slide victory.  That’s my view, if anyone wants my vote…

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