Fathers Day sermon preview…


I am looking forward to a very special Fathers Day this Sunday – even bought myself a special T-shirt to wear for preaching (of course I am not going to tell you what it says…you’ll have to join us to see…).dad-diff-flyer.jpgdad-diff-flyer.jpg

In the past on Fathers Day I have usually preferred to speak about “honouring your father,” and have shyed away from speaking directly to Dads about the vital role they play in the lives of their children.  My reluctance has been because of the great challenge of speaking to a crowd where so many have experienced family breakdown and fatherlessness. I believe that there is a huge gaping father wound in our society, and its time to stop being so “PC” (Polictically correct) and start preaching to build up a new generation of fathers who will be worthy of being “honoured,” and who are being helped to fulfil one of the most demanding roles imaginable.

My message will be about the LEAVING, LOVING, LIFTING, LISTENING, LAUGHING, LEADING, and LUANCHING that a dad can do to make a huge “Dad Difference” in the lives of his children. I will also seek to stir up all of us men (especially the Christians) to take up the challenge of being “fathers to the fatherless” in our communities.  And dont forget your racing skills, as dads have an opportunity to race a radio controlled car around the car-park track afterwards with a chance to win it as a prize… Calling all Dads & men this Sunday – Its going to be powerful & loads of fun!  

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