Winning at Work Day: Saturday 9th June…

Winning @ WorkIf you are in London this coming Sat the 9th, then whatever you do don’t miss our first ever London Winning @ Work Day.  I have had a vision for this for quite a while and now its come together with a fantastic line-up of speakers, including my good friend Charles Luyckx who arrived in London in the same year as me in 1993, and has amongst many other significant business ventures built up the hugely successful Nando’s restaurant chain. Charles wont be divulging the chicken recipe, but he will be sharing some business lessons to help and inspire you on your own journey. This man is worth listening to – you’d usually pay a few 100 £’s for this kind of input!

Our other speakers (all of whom I personally highly regard as friends and gifted professionals) include Chuck Kinne speaking on “Leading from half-way up the ladder,” Alex & Liz Lugt on “Maximising your money,” Steve & Christine Morris on “What every employer wants,” and Lucy Napier-Ford will share her inspiring story of going from house-wife with zero business experience to launching a successful franchise.  It will be the perfect place to bring friends, and who knows, you could win that iPod Nano as well… Why not buy a friend a ticket and register here TODAY!

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