Sermon preview…Overcoming in Life…

I’m getting ready to preach a number of messages on “overcoming in life” – I have this picture of people getting into their “stride” – a sense that life isn’t actually a marathon like I have often described it – its more like a steeplechase or a hurdles race. hurdlesStuff happens. Life sometimes sucks. Some mountains don’t seem to move. Christians get stopped in their tracks when they come up against all sorts of obstacles and opposition and “breakthrough” doesn’t seem to come as expected, and they drop out of the race. I am wondering whether some mountains arnt actually ever going to “move” – we just need to “overcome” them.  James says that we are to “count it all joy when we are FACED with various trials.” What do we do when when faced with trials? We overcome. I am trusting for a powerful “overcoming” strength to be imparted over the next few weeks…

What are you FACING? Get ready to be an OVER-COMER IN CHRIST!

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