Fasting Day 4 + Your Sermon preview…The power of agreement

This is the Sunday sermon preview, and this is also the fasting truth for SUNDAY the 20th:

prayinghands by His People Church Cape TownI have a great expectation for an awesome God encounter this Sunday. We’re coming to the end of our “Lord, teach us to pray” series (ends next Sunday at our Together service in the east), and I am hearing encouraging testimonies of people stirred to new places in prayer. It’s one thing to pray alone, but Jesus also taught about “where two or three agree on anything in my name, it will be done by My Father in heaven.” With this and much other teaching He reveals that it is definitely “not good (nor intended) to be alone,” and that really there is no such thing as a “private faith.” God is not a one-child parent. You’re born-again into family, called the church, which has local expressions all over the planet. We’re going to discover that God loves a SYMPHONY, and that there’s a big difference between the command the love everyone, and the call to be planted in agreement with a certain symphony of brothers and sisters.

The real Lords prayer is found in John 17, where “may they be one” seems to be Christ’s greatest desire…

Most people are primarily concerned with knowing their purpose and their place. What God? Where God? But I have often said that finding your people is as important as finding your purpose. Its like a puzzle piece and the picture on the box. The piece definitely has a purpose, but without the rest of the pieces, and a picture (vision) to make sense of the whole, that purpose makes no sense and will never be fulfilled.

Don’t miss Gods symphony tomorrow… there’s a part He’s assigned for you to play.  

PS – if you are in our West London congregation, remember we have a 24hour House of Prayer On-site in our community centre in Barons Court, from midnight till midnight on Sunday. Why not come in for an hour sometime during the day and join this SYMPHONY OF PRAYER.

One thought on “Fasting Day 4 + Your Sermon preview…The power of agreement

  1. This is what I’m expectant for tomorrow: ‘The trumpeters and singers joined in unison, as with one voice, to give praise and thanks to the LORD….Then the temple of the LORD was filled with a cloud. (2 Chron 5:13) . The Bible’s full of God’s presence being experienced in a powerful way when the believers gather and lift up one voice.

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