Wolfi’s View on…the naked men on London’s buses…

No, there aren’t real naked men on the famous red buses, but there are more and more huge adverts with near naked men posing in nothing but expensive underwear. What’s the problem with that Wolfi, you ask? Well, its not that I’m attracted. I’m not gay and am happily married. It’s not even that I’m concerned for my friends at church with gay tendencies, although naked men & women on buses or anywhere except in wedded bliss are definitely something I am completely anti. Its degrading to society, causes guys (and girls I’m told) all sorts of lust issues, and it exploits those doing the posing. Definitely not Gods will. In fact, when I go prayer walking through our local community I sometimes pray bankruptcy on all businesses which seek to profit from any form of exploitation of our sexual desires, and that businesses which operate in righteousness would prosper…(Remember, Jesus Himself said that it would be better for someone to tie a big stone around his neck and drown himself rather than cause someone else to sin…pretty strong for anyone who has a “Jesus meek and mild” image of THE MAN HIMSELF – see Matthew 18 verse 5 in the Good Book)  

Back to the naked men on the buses: My concern here is really about the image of the male species. I think there’s just something wrong about a man in just his underwear on the side of a bus.  Something in me wants to say: “Leave the beauty bit to the ladies. Get up. Get some clothes on. Find an adventure to live. Throw a ball. Mow the lawn!”  Remember the rugged smoking Camel Man and his Land Rover?   When I arrived in London 14 years ago he had prime position on the advertising stage, but now the Kevin Klein Man has ousted him. I am very much looking forward to the smoking ban coming into force in London in July – smoke free pubs! – but when it comes to Camel vs. Klein, my vote goes to the Camel…especially if there was a smoke-free option…   

Remember: Male and female He created them…Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of choice and maturity. Same for females & women…  

3 thoughts on “Wolfi’s View on…the naked men on London’s buses…

  1. weckleben

    I need to preach that “Naked and UNashamed” message again sometime…but sometimes just putting on clothes would help!

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