My personal Divine wake-up call…

prayinghands by His People Church Cape TownThis week in our London congregations we are starting a series entitled “Lord, teach us to pray.” It will all culminate when we join in with the London Global Day of Prayer event on Sunday 27th May in West Ham Stadium with 1000’s of other London Christians, and millions of others in similar events around the globe.  You can read more about this amazing day on some links from our church website.

Personally I am stirred to enter into a new depth and width and height and length of intimacy with Creator God. I see it very much as an invitation, rather than an instruction. There’s a huge difference. From experience I know that God loves to play hide & seek: When I hide, He seeks! I believe He is seeking me in a new way. In fact, for some completely unexplained reason, my phone alarm kept going off at 05.20 every morning last week. Try as I may – even a reboot – I could not cancel it. Every morning it woke me at 05.20. After a few days of this I figured that it may be a Divine wake-up call, so I started to get up and get with God, and have been experiencing some precious prayer times these past few days.  prayinghands by His People Church Cape Town

Two days after starting to get up earlier, the alarm stopped going off, and now its up to my own will. I have tasted something fresh and good in these early hours last week, and want more than anything to establish a prayer habit that will take me deeper and deeper into the beauty of His holiness… I encourage you to listen to your personal Divine call….can you hear it? Join me on this adventure closer to the Fathers heart, and leave me a comment about your personal prayer journey. Let us pray…

One thought on “My personal Divine wake-up call…

  1. I’ve heard that wake-up call and I’m 2 hours drive away!

    I had to lead the cell I go to last week and the notes never arrived so I had to use my own initiative (!) I stumbled on some old Ignatian meditations and I took those to cell. We were all blown over by how powerfully the prayers effected us, and struck by a desire to pray more and more! This Tuesday our whole church launched a 24hr prayer and fast fuelled by a new desire to find God’s heart!

    Let us pray indeed!

    PS: 5 months till I come back to eminent EN UK! See you soon!!!

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