Wolfi’s View on…Zimbabwe

33 shot dead in a college this week in the US. Over 160 killed in car bombs in Bagdad yesterday. And Mugabe celebrates 27 years of independence in Zimbabwe this week…  Am I the only one who wonders/wishes if one of those bullets or bombs couldnt have taken this despot ruler out instead? This evil man who has been responsible for countless deaths and put millions of innocent people in misery. Just one bullet, and maybe also a few extra for his henchmen…  and maybe millions of people could have a greater hope in what was created one of the most fruitful places on Gods earth.  I can hear some of you manifesting in all sorts of ways at my ungodly thoughts, and maybe they are, but the tragedy is that we Christians get more stirred up about comments like the ones I’ve just made above, and about all sorts of often irrelevant theological observations, than we do about the cause of millions of people suffering in the world. I agree that a bullet is not the solution, but I am praying for Mugabe and his wicked government to be judged and removed from power, and for “righteousness to exalt that nation” through Godly leadership. 

“All it takes for evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing” – Written in solidarity with all my Zimbabwean friends.

5 thoughts on “Wolfi’s View on…Zimbabwe

  1. Bunmi Asaolu

    My initial thought as I was reading through was that Wolfi was trying to make a point or provoke people to think a bit more because I know he’s not someone that’ll put out that sort of statement without any kind of caveat/balance. However, when I think back to the days of our military dictators in Nigeria, I would have gone 100% with his comments i.e. wishing that one of those bullets should have taken those jokers out. There was massive rejoicing (free food being given out on the streets) when Abacha died. So I think the closer one is to the situation, the easier it is to understand why people can feel that way; however, if someone put a gun to my head and asked me to exchange my life for those jokers since the possibility still exists that they may give their lives to Christ, I’d gladly do so.

    I think Wolfi’s comments on Zimbabwe are important to jerk Christians into reality a bit more.

  2. Robyn Evans

    I was just browsing through your blog when I noticed the header about Zim and read it. The situation in ZIm breaks my heart, I so often wonder what we as people and fellow Africans, as well as Christians can do about the situation. I know we have to pray, and I do- but I sometimes wonder what else…
    I too am amazed that noboday has assasinated Mugabe.
    This week i encountered a couple from Zim who had to leave. As i chatted to the man I found myself weeping at his brokeness, and the sad reality of a devasted country. Lets pray purposefully for Zim and all the Zimbabweans, may God’s power, holiness and goodness prevail.

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  4. Manthe Champion

    What about a moslem suicide bomber to fly into Mugarbage’s house? The terrorists love flying into things. Why haven’t they spotted him on a map yet?

    The dictionary is devoid of words to describe the extent of the evil. It is evil off the Ricter Scale. John mentions these murders in Revelation 6 – the red and pale horses having power to kill. M is in progress of genocide scaling Hitler’s extinguished numbers. I was born in Zimbabwe and can say there have always been concentration camps torturing and killing innocent natives – these camps were in disguise with names like “Ngezi Teacher Training College” and many others. People would get tortured and raped, then end up thrown into wet concrete live; forever entomed in dam walls. This swine has been murdering and torturing people for 28 years actually, but it only gets the press is major situations like elections and white farmers being attacked. But this violence is nothing new. The bible says one reaps what one sows, however, in this instance, where is the justice? What can Mugabe reap that would be equal to the death & destruction he has caused to literally millions of citizens? This pains me. I wish that a moslem suicide boomer would fly into his house to forcibly remove him. Surely they would enjoy the challenge of infiltrating such a high security sanctury such as Mugabe’s house?
    The answer to me is that the Devil looks after his own.

    Did God leave Africa a long time ago with all the witchcraft, idolatory, horror & hideous sin that goes on, or are the war angels in Heaven fighting tirelessly against Mugabe’s demons soon to overthrow the man who is possessed by the Devil himself?
    Or must Revelation come to pass?

    Pray with me if you want:
    We pray for those people’s wounds & lives to be healed, that God will repay M. for his works (either now on or the other side of life as God sees fit), that he will be removed, that Morgan T. will be given a chance, for free good food to be given to all Zimbabweans, that all Zimbabweans will accept King Jesus as their Saviour today (since they are likely to die tomorrow) but we ask God to make the killing stop. Anyone reading this can agree with me in Jesus’ name please for God’s mercy to intervene, and I pray for spiritual protection, the blood of Jesus, over all those praying against Mugabe’s demons. Thank you. Agreement in prayer :o) is powerful. Hallelujah! There is nothing impossible to God. Please God respond to Mugabe’s invitation to remove him!! (When he said “Only God can remove me”). There you are Father – how can you resist an open invitation like that?

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