My day with hero friends in Dublin

I spent today in Dublin with Ray & Claudine Shiels, and their great sons Jack & Sam. They were sent out from our church in London five years ago to plant a new church in the heart of Dublin, and now lead the  exciting and thriving young Every Nation Dublin church. Their journey has had the most incredible challenges beyond the usual radical challenges of starting a new church. A couple of years ago Ray was diagnosed with cancer of the bone marrow, and made it though from near death back to health again. All considered, a clear miracle, and a testimony to the Shiels enduring faith. Ray goes back into hospital next week for another gruelling session of medical procedures, and will be in there for at least three weeks. Please join me in praying for my hero friends Ray, Claudine, Jack and Sam, and the Dublin church family.  “The prayer of faith will heal the sick.”

One thought on “My day with hero friends in Dublin

  1. Jessica

    It is well in Jesus name. I joing you in faith and pray for a complete and permanent healing for this child of God. Amen.

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