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When people ask me the “so what do you do” question, I sometimes give them the “I am a preacher” answer, which either kills the conversation and potential friendship right on the spot, or leads to some interesting discussion. Well, part of what I do is “preach” and have done so in many parts of the world. But my favourite Doing a DateTalk seminarplace to preach is at our home church right in the heart of London, where my challenge is always to speak relevantly to a crowd which often includes both those who are Christians and and those who are seeking or even anti Christian, and can sometimes include over 40 different nationalities. Communicating God’s timeless truths in a relevant way to this generation is my passion.  Most of my messages preached in London are posted for FREE listening or downloading on our Every Nation London website, on the “Downloads” section. I wont put up any direct links from here except to the downloads page, so do go there and browse for something that may seem relevant to you. Here are some of my personal favourites/recommendations:


“He restores your soul…” – God is in the restoring business – this truth will make you whole: Spirit, Soul & Body…

+ “Whats so amazing about grace?” – The story behind the song, and the truth about grace that transforms the way we live and do church.

+ “Being Yourself” – a text message that challenged my dress sense… it may set you free as well!

+ “Duracell Faith” – you dont have to die in the deserts of this life. Learn the secret of a life that endures the difficult time all the way to seeing Gods promises fulfilled…

+ “Overcoming in Life” – cheack out the images and summary of this empowering series of messages under the “sermon preview” catergory of my blogs.

+ “How to make the DAD difference” – A pracitical message for empowering fathers, and a challenge to all of us men to be fathers in our fatherless generation.

You can find a bunch more on the downloads section of the Every Nation Church website…remember: Feedback and comments welcome.

  1. paul pieterse says:

    Listing to the Duracell faith message in the above link (play and you’ll see)- it gives a new meening to the heading Duracell Faith…

  2. danielsmart says:

    Do make sure you click on the links to open the mp3. The snap preview, on the other hand, will sound like a [b][em]very[/em][/b] fast duracell bunny.

  3. Eggie :) says:

    Hey Wolfi, I was listening to some of your sermons online today, and I’m truly blessed!

    Thanks! Bless you, brother!

    Missing all of you in EN London. :)

  4. Mandi Freeman says:

    To help me overcome my longing for Every Nation in London, (the 2nd greatest city in the world), I have downloaded every sermon from the time I left London in March. I miss you guys…but so glad I can still listen to the sermons. They are soooo inspiring!!!
    Thanks :o)

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