A reminder: There is NO SERVICE in Hammersmith tomorrow due to the Ride London cycle race closing off all streets around the venue. We will be travelling to Slough to join our congregation there instead – hope you can join us there!

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God has some BIG questions to ask you… and the way you answer could change everything! 
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We have just finished a rich preaching series entitled “God’s BIG Questions”. We all have questions we’d like to ask God about all sorts of things, but scattered throughout Scripture are a handful of very significant question that God asks all of us. God doesn’t ask us questions because He doesn’t know the answer, and they are also not to test our knowledge. Rather, when we wrestle with these questions they penetrate to the deep of us, and in the answer we find the truth, freedom, life of Jesus.

Here are the 5 BIG Questions we listened to and tried to respond to:

  1. “Where are you?”
  2. “Who will go for Us?”
  3. “Who do you say that I am?”
  4. “What do you want Me to do for you?”
  5. “Do you love Me?”

You can access the videos to all these messages on the YouTube playlist here

And also, we interspersed the series with some “Your BIG Questions” sessions, where we gave 6 people the opportunity to answer some of the big questions our congregation said they would like to ask God – these ten minute talks are very well worth watching on this Youtube playlist here

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free! 

“Men need men” is a phrase that a certain wise Englishman from our tribe uttered a few years ago at one of our awesome men’s days. MENDATEIf you are a man, you need men in your life. And we need adventure. We need some man-talk moments to wake up the real man in us who is sadly too often suppressed in our over-sanitised, over-feminised, over-insured, risk-adverse, black-and-white-and-grey, play-it-safe culture…

So, for something to stir your man-soul, join us for a night out of the city in the Bracknell Forest for our men’s Camp 2016.

Arrive on Friday evening 31st August for a steak bbq around the fire, and some man-talk and action on Saturday till around 16.00. If you can’t make Friday evening, join us on Saturday – just let us know on the registration form below…

AND: The day now includes a session of “Archery Tag” on Saturday – an awesome alternative to Paintball – see here

archery tag

Our venue… mens camp venue

We have many questions to ask God, but in this series we pause to consider 5 of the BIG questions God asks us in Scripture, and the way we answer these could change everything…

God doesn’t ask us because He doesn’t know the answer, but because he wants us to know the truth of the answer, and in the truth find all the freedom we were ever created to live in.

The first question we consider in this series is the one God asked Adam after he had sinned, and God still asks all of us today: “Where are you?” This is a question to all of us who are covered by F.I..G. leave, hiding is fear, inferiority, and guilt.

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Don’t answer too quickly. In order to answer this question fully you must know something about three things:

  1. God’s PRESENCE – His Holy presence and omnipresence
  2. God’s PROVISION – the plan He made to replace my fig-leaves
  3. God’s PROMISES – His assurance that I can come out from my hiding into a confident restored relationship with HIm.

Here’s the message on video, as we explore the right answer to God’s big question of “Where are you?”

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“We were hoping… but its been 3 days” – Luke 24v21
Are you hoping for something, but its just not working out?
In Luke 24 we read about two guys walking along a road 3 days after Jesus had been crucified, and they say these words: “We were hoping…but its been three days”. However long you have been waiting, the person and promise and resurrection of Jesus are the sure anchor of all hope. My prayer for you today is from Romans 15:13

‘I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.’

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We all have questions we want to ask God: Why? When? Where? Who? – and these are all valid and important questions on our life’s  journey. But God also has some big questions to ask us too, and the answers we give could change everything for us… In fact, we often also find the answers to our own questions as we answer the questions God asks us.

So we invite you and your friends to join us at our Hammersmith congregation services in June & July as we help each other answer God BIG life-changing questions through our”God’s BIG Questions” preaching series:

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Also, during the series you will also have the opportunity to ask God your own big questions. You’ll have the chance to register your questions in the services on Sunday 14 & 21 June, and we’ll seek to answer the most common ones over Sundays 28 June and 19 July.

God’s first BIG question is very near the beginning of the Bible – do you know what it is?  Find it in the Bible here

We are gearing up for an amazing Church gathering & water baptisms Sunday in Hyde Park! 
The weather forecast for Sunday promises sun, a vast amount of ice cream is ordered and more than 10 people are getting ready for their baptisms – so please do join us for this church service with a difference on this special Pentecost Sunday!
Plan for the day
Please arrive for an 11.00 start – we will be in an open space between the Lido Cafe and the Princess Diana Memorial in Hyde Park.
We’ll give you instructions on arrival about how this service with a difference will run from 11 – 12, followed by a picnic, and the baptisms in the Lido swimming area at around 12.30.
Children will be with their families most of the time, but have their own program during the small group session. We will organise a few sport games (soccer, frisbee, etc) after the baptisms, so if you’re keen please stick around!
If you would like to get baptised on short notice please contact Dan. Need some inspiration? See our baptismteaching from a boat on location here, and a previous baptism here
In between the service and the baptism we will have a picnic. Please bring something to eat (for yourself and maybe a little extra for those among us that might forget) and something to sit on.How to get there
To find us, enter Hyde Park (some of us will stand at the entrance in visible Every Nation London shirts or jumpers to help you find the way) and walk along the south bank of the Serpentine. Head west from Knightsbridge end or east from Alexandra Gate end. We will be on the free space between the Lido cafe and the Diana Memorial.

Parking: Pay and display in park, or free street parking around Queens Gate and Kensington Gore (20 min walk). Please check signs and restrictions carefully!
Tube: closest station is Knightsbridge (8 min walk), or South Kensington
Bus: stop anywhere between Royal Albert Hall and Knightsbridge

Venue: between Lido and Princess Diana Memorial
Start: 11:00
Lunch: 12:00
Baptisms: 12:30 (we will enter the Serpentine Lido together)
Hangout & Games: 13:00

What if the weather will be bad?
If, against all predictions, the weather turns out rainy on Sunday morning we will meet in our regular Sunday venue, but still go to the Lido for the baptisms after the service. Please watch our Facebook page for updates.

PS – we will not be taken up tithes and offerings on Sunday – you can give online here– thank you for your faithful and generous partnership!

We look forward to an amazing Sunday!

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